Severn Valley Railway Engineering Services

Carriage Repair Services

The Severn Valley Railway carriage works at Kidderminster and Bewdley are responsible for maintaining a fleet of around 60 running coaches. The well-equipped workshops can undertake complete rebuilds or repaints and we have extensive tooling, manuals and gauges to maintain door lock in a safe condition.

Our Carriage Repair Services for other
Heritage Railways fall into four categories:

Lock Testing and Overhaul

Based on BR and Railtrack practices and using equipment from ex-BR works, we have an overhaul standard comparable to BR at its best for nine varieties of double-action door locks. Having the ability to service locks to correct tolerances is essential for safe operation and we are pleased to be able to offer this service to other Heritage Railways. More...

Vacuum Brake Overhauls

We have many year's experience overhauling vacuum cylinder and can provide a complete overhaul and test service for 18" and 21" vacuum cylinders. More...

Dynamo & Regulator Servicing and Repair

Many railways experience difficulty maintaining working lights at heritage railway speeds. Our electrical expert can help solve these problems. More...

Casting Patterns & Woodworkers Templates

The SVR Carriage Department has patterns in stock for many carriage fittings of GWR, LMS and BR Standard origin. More...


If your carriage department is in need of guidance we may be able to help. More...

Lavatory Pans - New for 2010

During 2009 a mould has been made for the railway carriage hopper pan. The model used in LMS period III and LNER stock became the one used in Standard coaches of the BSK, CK, BCK, BSO, BFK, FK types. (TSO, SK and RMB have another type). Please contact Hugh McQuade at Kidderminster Carriage Works for further information.





BR Mk1, Outside and Inside actuation door lock.

BR Mk1, Outside and Inside actuation door lock.

Vacuum Brakes

Vacuum Brake Cylinder under test.

Dynamo test rig

One of the two ex-Wolverton Dynamo test rigs.

Casting Patterns

Casting pattern for a BR Mk1 filler spout.